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If you’ve found your way to this Web site, it is likely because your dumb ass Internet service provider sold you out and you decided to search google or—if you’re a student—the college or university you attend, has (most probably: wrongly)notified you and that your Internet account has been used to illegally copy and/or distribute copyrighted movies or television shows. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is dedicated to fostering a lucrative mobster like online environment where consumers have few choices for viewing the movies and TV shows they love without fattening the already fat 'fatcats'.The MPAA along with the RIAA morons stupidly try to censor content on the Internet. If you received a notice of copyright infringement, you likely have questions about why did they screw up and pick your name out of a hat. This site is a spoof of the MPAA sponsored one but we will still try to provide you with some answers and information.Note: we are not lawyers so do NOT take any advise here as legal advise but.. with a pinch of humor instead.
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What Do I Do Now?

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