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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I received a communication that says my Internet account was identified as having been used to illegally copy and/or distribute copyrighted material over the Internet.  What does this mean?

    Could mean that you were sharing copy protected files and the copyright MAFIAA got to you, but its more likely that someone used your wireless connection to piggyback off your connection and download files
    (Note: Above explanation is not going to hold up... if you don't have a wireless connection - in which case you might claim the 'dead defense'... but another condition would have to be met... you figure it out after visiting the above link)

    Movies and TV shows are supposedly protected by copyright.  MAFIAA fatcats don't like you sharing the movies and shows they make by doing so you are depriving them of sluts and cocaine as well as other ghastly habits so they fixed the law to punish you... . 

    Copying and distribution of copyrighted movies and TV shows is often accomplished using “peer-to-peer” (P2P) software installed on individual computers, which allows your computer to exchange files with other computers that are running similar software.  P2P services usually configure their software so that any files you download (and any other files in your “shared folder”) are automatically made accessible to anyone else on the P2P network that requests them. People use different softwares to do this like utorrent, frostwire etc.


    Sharing is caring, if you mom didn't teach you that... she's probably a bad parent. If you lost your mom then your dad should have thought you that. If you lost both your parents 1) Sucks to be you 2)someone should have thought you that 3)sorry about point 1..

    When you use such services to download and upload files, the MPAA have used various ads and propaganda to say "you are not anonymous", "you can click but you cant hide" etc... the fact of the matter is you are largely anonymous and lost in a flock... ever see national geographic where hundreds of birds flock together or thousands of fish school together to avoid a predictor?

    You can use other methods to be safer from prying eyes; google peerguardian, VPN, and secure/encrypted p2p...dont be lazy, we can guide you just this far, we are anyway teaching you stuff you parents should have already taught you, remember?


      Whenever you connect to the Internet, your computer is assigned a unique “Internet protocol (IP) address” from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  This unique IP address is used to identify your computer as the source of available files to all other computers on a P2P network.  The infringement notice you received is the result of your computer having been identified as engaged in an illegal transfer of copyrighted movies or TV shows OR... by some fishing expedition by the likes of the RIAA/MPAA.  A notice was sent to your ISP identifying the particular infringement and the associated IP address based on flawed methods that have in the past snagged dead people, people who have never used a computer, the elderly etc etc... google is your friend.

  2. What If I didn't realize I was uploading copyrighted files?
  3. It could mean you were not, like we said above.. this is not a science even though the MPAA and RIAA claim it is. If you believe everything the MPAA or RIAA tell you then I have a lovely sturdy bridge made of straw that I would like to sell you... cheap!

    Note: This offer expires in 20 hours, 14 minutes and 3 seconds after you finish reading this paragraph... act now!

  4. What if my IP address does not match the one listed on the notice?
  5. Does not really matter, once the RIAA and MPAA label you guilty they expect you to pay up... yes, they are demons. And no, they are not interested in your soul... just money to pay their whores.
  6. What do I do now to resolve this?

    First, quit drinking... its bad for you and booze causes impotence.


    Next, if you really feel threatened and can get some free lawyer advise go for it, you might also want to call up your IT dept for the ISP that's providing you with your internet connection and ask them WTF is going on since you were not even in town on the day in question... if they have pictures of you in town say that was taken some other day... if they can prove the day say it was your twin ... if they can prove you don't have a twin admit you were in town but say you were not on your computer but your unprotected wireless router was on, fake ignorance when they try to explain to you how to protect your wireless router... if they can prove you don't have a wireless... apologize and get yourself a wireless router so this will never happen again...


    also look into finding people who look like you so you might be able to use the twin excuse the next time.

    Additionally, as indicated in the notice, you should immediately take the following steps in order to prevent further notices that are generally mood killers:

    • Encrypt your connection

    • Use a VPN connection or seedbox

    • If you do not use P2P software for lawful purposes, find better ways to hide or find a better ISP or just give in like a bitch and delete it declaring the MAFIAA the winner in an unfair out of times world.

    • If you use P2P for lawful purposes (to upload or download files that you are legally authorized to reproduce or distribute), call your accusers and verbally abuse them, shame them and their family and tell them you curse them for generations to come. Tip: 'Dildo' and 'your mother' in the same sentence usually works well. Substitute the word 'Dildo' with words like 'Telephone pole','smelly cave','2c whore' etc. Ditto for 'pimp' and 'father'.
  7. I've heard that P2P services can be risky.  How are they risky?

  8. Well, crossing the streets is risky.. getting married is risky.. having sex is risky and having children is just a pain in the ass (if you are woman reading this... do not take the above literally, ignore the above and remember what you learnt in school, no baby ever came out of a persons ass... except Prince Charles)


    Where was I? oh yes,everything's "risky", you walking was risky that's why you had to learn how to crawl first, read up on how to protect your computer before using a p2p software, always run a virus scan on downloaded files and download from trusted places and trusted people if you can.


    Douchebags sometimes utilize some P2P networks to spread viruses, worms and Trojan horses (programs enabling hackers to gain control of your computer).  Learn to use bit torrent (we recommend utorrent as a client..., we don't get anything if you download utorrent... honest). It's pretty rare to run into computer viruses,worms and trojan horses if you are only downloading video files from most torrent sites.

    Use a condom if you are screwing around or you have a bigger chance of getting a virus or worm out there... than when downloading from the internet via bit torrent and a trusted site.

  9. I want to delete the copies of the unauthorized films or television shows on my computer.  How do I do this?

    WHY? Didn't you pay attention above when we were talking about sharing is caring? On the other hand if you need to delete files because of lack of space on your hard drive, a movie/TV show files is just like most files, select it, hit the delete button and confirm the delete. If you don't know how to use the delete button maybe its time you learnt how to use a computer in a basic way before trying to download stuff... or even talk to people. You are shame to the human race. No really, i'm serious. Honest. I said honest. End of sentence. Period. No not that period you dirty... oh heck, i give up, just learn how to use the delete key on your keyboard and then read the rest below.

  10. I've never downloaded an illegal movie or TV show?  Why did I receive this notice?
  11. Because the MPAA and RIAA use a crappy way to find people who download their shows/movies and crappy music and while someone was smart about it and covered their tracks you accidentally got caught in the web or their anti-piracy department just accidentally fingered you.. it happens all the time.

    No matter what excuse the MPAA and RIAA give you, the honest truth is they don't know squat and are fumbling in the dark here.

    Call up your ISP's IT department and give them hell, find out who pointed their finger at you and call up the MPAA's office and give them hell as well. Don't stay quiet, it could be your friend or relative who gets falsely accused the next time.

  12. What’s the big deal?
  13. It isn't, but the MPAA and RIAA would like you to think it is.


    Basically, they are relying on outdated business models to make them billions (that's right, 'billions' is not a typo) of dollars and at the same time say they are dying.


    The MPAA and RIAA are trying to stifle innovation and trample your rights all in the hope that you will buy their "product" at outlandish prices, once that hope fails they want to use force.

    They constantly lobby (and bribe) governments to pass unfair laws as well as infringe on your rights.


    The studios are ever greedy and try to fleece you for every penny they can,for example when you pay for cable you are allowed to record the show (fair use) but if you forget to record the show and instead download it the studios cry unfair and want you to instead buy their overpriced DVD of the show.


    Even with record busting revenues for 2006-2008 the movie industries claim online piracy has had an enormous financial impact on them... which is 10 new kinds of stupid because it can be either one of the above but not both, either you are heavily impacted or you get a record busting financial year.


    The studios like to bring out crappy movies (Max Payne anyone?) and still make you pay big bucks to see it... but if you download it you see the crap for the crap that it is and say crap! and don't pay crap, that ticks the crap out of them.. get the crap?

    While copyright was intended to make it possible for consumers and creators to enjoy a balanced way to reward each other, through extensive lobbying and extensions of copyright law the corporations have turned it completely one sided.. their side.


    But with popularity of the internet consumers can once again balance things out which is why its time to DISrespect copyrights.

  14. Where can I get the movies and TV shows that I want online?
  15. While help on using each and every file sharing app out this is wayyy beyond the scope of this goofy website, if you are using bit torrent and have correctly setup utorrent or whichever client you have decided upon finding the shows you want shouldn't be a big deal.


    Try searching on:




    or the mother of all pirated shows and movies as well as music search engines:




    Tip: While on Google's first page enter something like this in your search;

    "nine inch nails ghosts .torrent"


    The above will search for the album "ghosts" by the band "nine inch nails".

    Without quotes of course.


    Other examples of a search (just examples for downloading movies and music)

    the dark knight .torrent

    beatles discography .torrent

    mettalica sucks discography .torrent


    Note the space before the '.torrent'


    While the major Hollywood studios trying their best to expand the choices for viewing the movies and TV shows they will never be as easy as the ways to pirate them online.


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